Clean Cut®

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Surgical site infection (SSI) is a major threat to patient safety in low-resource setting operating rooms.

So while our pulse oximetry work gives a voice to the sleeping patient, our Clean Cut® program gives them a chance to heal.

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SSI rates in low-resource settings are double those reported in high-income countries, causing untold pain, grief and hospital systems are strained beyond capacity. And until recently, there’s been no best practice for addressing this crisis on a global scale.

Lifebox is working to change that.

At our pilot site in Ethiopia, we’re developing simple and scalable interventions that apply the Lifebox model – equipment, training, monitoring and evaluation – to improve perioperative practice.

We’re working with an incredible team, including Professor Miliard Derbew of Addis Ababa University (past President of the College of Surgeons of East, Central & Southern Africa) and the Federal Ministry of Health, led by by Thomas Weiser, our Chief Medical Officer and surgeon at Stanford Health Care.

Follow our Lifebox Fellow, Nichole Starr as we continue our work to make surgery safer.

“This project is an extension of what we began during our work with the World Health Organization (WHO) in creating and implementing the Surgical Safety Checklist,” explained Dr Weiser. “We intend this to be the next step of a concerted effort to fully deploy the Checklist, broaden the scope of work, and to make perioperative care safer for patients everywhere.”

The initial development of Clean Cut® was funded by a $500,000 grant from GE Foundation, as part of its commitment to scaling up healthcare in East Africa. For more information, click here.