How to buy

It’s easy to buy a Lifebox® pulse oximeter.  

Just download the order form here and return it by email to

Please make sure that you provide a working email address to ensure your order is processed quickly.

Oximeters ship as soon as payment is received by our manufacturer, Acare Technology Co. Ltd., with whom you will have a contract of purchase. Please read this important note about security issues in communicating with Lifebox® and confirmation of payment details.

Each oximeter pack costs $250/£160/€192 and includes cost of delivery (but excludes any customs charges that may be levied  at port of entry).

For details on what’s included in each package, click here.

You can also buy spare universal, paediatric, neonatal wrap or ear probes for just $25/£16/€20 each, doubling the life expectancy of your oximeter.  (There is no additional shipping charge for up to two spare probes at time of purchase.  If you purchase more than two there may be a small additional shipping cost.)

Please click here for details of our manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

Sadly not every facility that needs an oximeter can afford one.  An important part of Lifebox® work is raising funds for donations.  If you think you could support our work to distribute oxiemeters and training to eligible facilities, safeguarding thousands of lives, please email us or visit our donations page.