The Lifebox pulse oximeter is an invaluable tool: it’s durable, extremely easy to use, and low cost. Most importantly, it saves lives. We’ve distributed over 20,000 pulse oximeters since our founding. We need your help to distribute tens of thousands more.

Lifebox was formed in 2011 to address a fundamental issue in surgery and anesthesia – the lack of pulse oximeters in operating rooms around the world. Pulse oximeters are the only piece of equipment mandated on the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist and yet globally, an estimated 70,000 operating rooms lacked this essential monitoring device.

My Life Saving Oximeter

Professor Sow, Donka Hospital, Guinea holding a Lifebox pulse oximeter.

Thanks to Lifebox’s supporters we have distributed over 20,000 pulse oximeters across more than 100 countries.

We still have much more work to do.

That’s why we are launching #MyLifesavingOximeter, a series of personal stories from our partners on how they use their Lifebox pulse oximeter. Their experiences highlight how vital pulse oximetry is, from essential monitoring during surgery to the triage of COVID-19 patients. 

Lifebox needs your help to place more pulse oximeters into the hands of healthcare providers on the frontline. With a donation of $250, you can transform care for thousands of patients by giving a lifesaving oximeter.

Are you ready to help save a life? Click here to give your gift. 

#MyLifesavingOximeter Stories:

Dr. Christian Masudi, DRC, August 2020

Dr. Geraldina Gross, Honduras, August 2020

Dr. Surajit Giri, India, September 2020

Dr. Rediet Shimeles Workneh, Ethiopia, October 2020