WCA countdown

The World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA) is less than a month away! Lifebox is off to Hong Kong with our chair and keynote speaker Atul Gawande, to join hosts (and Lifebox co-founders) the World Federation Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) for this once-in-a-four-year-cycle event.

With delegates flying in from the WFSA’s 134 member national societies, it’s a landmark meeting of language, culture, collegiality and of course – global anaesthesia.

Lifebox WCA-debuted in Buenos Aires in 2012, and in the years that followed we’ve been lucky to work with many of the WFSA member societies. We’ve made a global impact precisely because of our partners who take us with them, and we’re proud to work together to make safer anaesthesia a global reality.

Join us online throughout August as we celebrate these amazing national societies that have helped us MAKE IT 0® in every corner of the map.

Follow the hashtag #WCALifebox on Twitter for more updates and click on the images below.

WCA social media map_all countries

We’re so proud to work with the WFSA and its member societies for safer anaesthesia around the world. Thanks to ongoing support from these national societies we’ve made surgery and anaesthesia safer for 10 million people worldwide.

160801_Day 1 -WCA social media map_Canada_Rwanda_Nepal_Burkina Faso.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001 160802_America_DR_El Salvador_Honduras_Guatemala_Guyana_Nicaragua WCA social media map_Brazil WCA social media map_Haiti WCA social media map_Corte D'lvoire
WCA social media map_UK_Uganda WCA social media map_Niger WCA social media map_Nigeria WCA social media map_Belgium_Benin_Uzbekistan_2 WCA social media map_Cameroon
WCA social media map_Netherlands WCA social media map_Norway WCA social media map_Sweden WCA social media map_Slovakia WCA social media map_Zambia
WCA social media map_South Africa WCA social media map_Zimbabwe WCA social media map_Moldova WCA social media map_Israel WCA social media map_Tanzania
WCA social media map_Kenya WCA social media map_Ethiopia