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Universal access to pulse oximetry in the operating theatre is critical to patient safety.  Lifebox® believes that cost should not be a barrier, and we are raising funds for the donation of oximeters where there is need.

If you do not have a pulse oximeter and cannot afford the cost but are eligible to purchase through Lifebox®, this is the place to register.   We will add  your application to our waiting list immediately.  Please note that distribution of free oximeters is dependent on donations to the project and we are unable to indicate delivery times.

In order to meet your request, we need to know more about the pulse oximetry and anaesthesia services available in your hospital.

Please complete the needs assessment below, save it, attach it to an email, and return it to us at

English language needs assessment form

French language needs assessment form

Spanish language needs assessment form

Thank you for taking the time to register with Lifebox®.  Together we can make surgery safer.  Please visit our education page here to download the free education materials that ship with each of our pulse oximeters.