Samik Shrotriya – Fourth of July fundraiser

Name: Samik Shrotriya

Event: Fourth of July fundraiser

Where: Silicon Valley, California 

Amount raised: $150 

“I read about how a pulse oximeter can have an enormous impact on surgeries worldwide and what Lifebox is doing to save lives. I was really moved by this mission…”

Samik Shrotriya, an 11th grader from the Silicon Valley recently got his family and friends together to help raise funds for Lifebox’s work, by selling chips at a fourth of July fireworks display. We caught up with him to learn more about this unique fundraising idea.

What motivated you to support Lifebox?

I like it when people and organizations are sincere in their actions, and I truly felt like Lifebox was fully committed to making surgery and anesthesia safer around the world. The sincerity I saw just through reading the website motivated me to support Lifebox.

You organised a unique fundraiser for Lifebox by selling chips at a Fourth of July fireworks display, how did you come up with this idea?

I used to raise money for my soccer team by selling items during July 4th fireworks, so I thought selling chips would be a fun way to support Lifebox.

What do you hope your fundraising will achieve?

I hope that my fundraising can help Lifebox purchase pulse oximeters for impoverished hospitals to make safe surgery and anesthesia a right, not a privilege.

What did you most enjoy about organising this event?

I enjoyed spending valuable time with my friends and family to support a cause I care about. Selling and raising money for Lifebox was extremely fun too!