Sierra Leone

“We have a couple of monitors from the US.  Lovely, lovely multi-parameter monitors – but they only work with a battery.  And they didn’t send the battery.”

– anaesthetist, Sierra Leone

SLANA_oximetry_recipients_2012_Sierra LeoneDr Eva Hanciles, at Connaught Hospital in Freetown, can tell you a thing or two about inappropriate medical equipment.

One of five medically-qualified anaesthetists in Sierra Leone, Eva came to visit us in the Lifebox London office in 2012, in dazzling colours that ignored the rain, and told us about the equipment issues – including high-tech monitors without batteries to make them switch on – she and her team faced.

That March, we worked with her and the Sierra Leone Association of Nurse Anaesthetists (SLANA) to deliver training to the country’s 60 nurse anaesthetists and distribute enough pulse oximeters to ensure that there was one in every hospital.

In May 2014 we joined the ACTs team for further training – and the all-important follow up.  Find out more in this short video by Dr Rob Conway below: