“Giving birth is a difficult business for all women — that’s why it’s called labor. But for tens of millions of women around the world, too often bringing new life into the world means risking their own.”

Edna Adan, Huffington Post

SONY DSCIbrahim Adam, a nurse anaesthetist at the Borama Fisula Hospital, shows off his new pulse oximeter.  He had very limited access to monitoring, explained Robert Neighbour, of Diamedica, who handed over the donation.

Safe monitoring is essential for safe surgery – and safe surgery is essential for safe childbirth. When women don’t have access to obstetric care in labour, the consequences can be deadly – or worse.

Fistula is an avoidable complication of pregnancy – managed out of existence in high-resource settings, it mauls an estimated 50,000 women a year worldwide.

Raising the profile of this crisis, and work to address it, is former First Lady Edna Adan.  We’ve sent several oximeters to the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, and you can hear more about her work here: