Surgery is a horribly unnatural thing to do to a body.

To sedate it so it feels no pain, cut into it and rearrange – it’s alien and complicated, and even routine procedures carry a risk.

Checklist screenshotSo if there was a pill you could pop before an operation, proven to keep you safer – wouldn’t you pop it?

Or a drug that helped OR staff cut the risk of surgical complications and mortality by nearly 50% – wouldn’t you politely ask the team to take it?

That’s the power of the Surgical Safety Checklist.  Developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) with leadership from Lifebox® chair Professor Atul Gawande, the Checklist is a communications tool that provides a framework for a safe operation, and helps turn a disparate group of nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons into a life-saving team.

And Lifebox® is the only NGO dedicated to introducing it in low-resource setting hospitals.

What turns a piece of paper into a wonder drug?  The people.  Watch below to see our colleagues at Kibagabaga District Hospital in Rwanda bring the Checklist to life – and new life into the world!