Lifebox News – April Edition

Last month we…

Listened to our founder and chair Atul Gawande’s TED Talk in Vancouver (his last one was viewed more than 1.5 million times!)

Joined obstetricians and gynaecologists at the Royal College of O&G World Congress in Cape Town, consulting with this critical community for global surgery, and sharing their perspectives on camera

Proudly saw Lifebox training delivered to Somalilanders during the Safe Anaesthesia for Somaliland Conference (SANSOM) run by Diamedica, in conjunction with Mark Newton at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya

Attended the global surgery satellite session organised around the Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Published a piece about our work in Guatemala in the Journal of Anesthesia History: an M&E perspective on the Lifebox model for taking principles of anesthesia care abroad

Listened to the Ethiopia experiences of Ben Parsons, our recent Anaesthesia Fellow at Jimma University Teaching Hospital

Raged  to Wet Tap’s music while collecting support for Lifebox at Newton-Wellesley through the ASA Charitable Foundation

Applauded our latest community fundraiser Franzi Lewis for putting herself through a half marathon for Lifebox

Got ready to attend the Northern Ireland Anaesthetic Ball, a brilliant fundraising and advocacy event for Lifebox at the Ulster Museum in Belfast

Reported  on the pulse oximeters and training delivered in Ukraine, and visited Skopje as a part of The European Society of Anaesthesiology-Lifebox Project

Celebrated the new study published in the Anaesthesia Journal about the impact of Lifebox pulse oximeter distribution in Malawi, and talked to the lead author Dr. Vanessa Albert about it

Followed up with Lifebox-Medsin Rep Hannah Raval about her experience in supporting the delivery of two Lifebox global surgery workshops at Manchester MedX

In the news:

Global Surgery questions for the WHO Director General candidates (RCPSG)

Chronic Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa (Chronic Disease Africa)

Oxygen therapy for children (WHO)

Medication Without Harm: WHO’s Third Global Patient Safety Challenge (The Lancet)

A call for implementation science and systems innovation in global health (Devex)