Obtaining a Lifebox-Smile Train Pulse Oximeter

Do you work in a low-resource setting or support partners and organizations that do?

The Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeter is specifically designed for high-use, low-resource environments and can be purchased directly for hospitals or projects from Lifebox.

Lifebox also donates pulse oximeters whenever it can thanks to generous donors. If you are seeking a donation of pulse oximeters for your hospital, region, or country, please email us at info@lifebox.org.

Are you responding to the COVID-19 outbreak? See resources for using the pulse oximeter as a decision-making tool and videos here.

December 2020, Lifebox has prioritized identifying and assuring an accurate pulse oximeter for patient use. Find out more about the functionality assessments of the Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeter on a variation of skin tones here.
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Purchase oximeter

The Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeter is manufactured by Acare Technology Co. Ltd., a company based in Taiwan specializing in the manufacture of monitoring and other anesthesia devices. Acare was awarded the contract to produce the pulse oximeter after winning a global tender issued by the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) to find the ideal low-resource setting pulse oximeter. Lifebox currently has a frame contract in place with Acare to produce our oximeter.

The Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeter meets all World Health Organization and WFSA standards for an oximeter that is suitable and sustainable for use in under-resourced environments: It is durable, able to survive severe voltage fluctuations when plugged into electric mains, but also equipped with a long-lasting battery for when the electricity goes out altogether. It is easy to use, and relatively inexpensive.

The 32,000+ pulse oximeters currently in over 100 countries have been distributed through partnerships with international surgical non-governmental organizations (including Mercy Ships and Smile Train) and via national anesthesia societies and local facilities which have worked with us to assess pulse oximetry needs in the OR and postoperative environments, to raise funds, and set up training and distribution programs. The Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeter is also available for direct purchase by individuals, hospitals, and organizations for their use in low- and middle-income countries. This is at the same cost per package (oximeter, 2 probes, rechargeable battery and education materials on CD Rom) as that paid by Lifebox for donated oximeters.

Each package contains:

pulse oximeter
universal probe suitable for ages 3 months +
paediatric probe
pillow clip
multi-region charger
multi-language education DVD, also available online

Some useful notes on:

customs clearance Cost of delivery is included, but customs charges are not. Customs clearance must be arranged by the recipient before shipping, as Lifebox cannot be responsible.
power surges The power transformer meets surge: EN61000-4-5 +- 1KV line to line and +- 2KV line to ground on input power lines.  At this level there is no damage or performance degradation to the adapter. If power surges exceed these values then a separate surge protector should be used. If electricity is interrupted during charging, the charging will continue normally when electricity is restored.
warranty Each oximeter device is under warranty for 2 years; each probe for 1 year.  To reclaim, the recipient must return the defective unit to Acare at the recipient’s expense.  Delivery address can be found in the manual that accompanies the oximeter.  Acare will replace the unit (provided the fault is not due to abuse e.g. excessive force, submerged in water) and send it to the recipient at Acare’s expense.
manufacturer The Lifebox-Smile Train oximeter is manufacturered by Acare Technology Co. Ltd
specifications The Lifebox-Smile Train oximeter meets specifications developed by experts at the WFSA and WHO for the ideal monitor in a low-resource setting. Original specifications can be downloaded here.  2019 specifications for the Pulse Oximeter are here.
troubleshooting If you have questions or problems with a Lifebox-Smile Train oximeter, download and run through our troubleshooting guide here.