Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off

Raise critical funds for safer anesthesia worldwide and have fun tasting food from around the world!

The Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off for Lifebox is a peer-to-peer fundraiser that brings together healthcare providers, nurse anesthetist students, local businesses and communities to raise funds for Lifebox’s safe anesthesia programs, including distributing Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeters and capnographs. 

Funds are raised through admission tickets, team fees, raffles, auctions, sponsorships, and peer-to-peer fundraising. More information on how to run your event and raise funds can be found in the Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Guide below.

The Competition 

Let’s see which Nurse Anesthesia program can raise the most money! All Nurse Anesthesia programs are welcome to participate and compete to raise the most funds. All events running between now and the end of August 2024 will be up against each other to raise as many funds as possible. 

Contact Alissa Cecala, our Individual Giving Officer, to create your campaign page and to answer any questions.

Why host a Cook Off for Lifebox? 

  • Raising funds for Lifebox gives students the opportunity to contribute to safe and accessible healthcare around the world without having to travel
  • Hosting a Cook Off is a fun bonding activity that brings programs together
  • Spreads awareness of the Nurse Anesthetist profession
  • Improves students’ teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Positions students for charitable outreach through their careers 

Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Resources

Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Resources

Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Guide

Your one stop shop for our top tips on throwing a Cook Off for Lifebox

Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Resources

Global Video

All you need to know about Lifebox in 2 minutes

Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Resources

Lifebox Flyer

What is Lifebox? A flyer to help raise awareness about Lifebox's work

Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Resources

Pulse Oximetry Report

A Critical Gap: pulse oximetry in low-and middle-income countries

Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Resources

2022 Annual Report

Read about our work saving lives through safer surgery

Nurse Anesthesia Cook Off Resources

Lifebox Brand Colors

Lifebox colors to help you fundraise

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