Committee of Anaesthetic Trainees

IMG_0905 Name: Dr Kim Caulfield

Organisation: Committee of Anaesthetic Trainees of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland (CAI)

Event: Lifeboxes for Rio fun runs 

Amount raised: 3,600 Euros 

Lifeboxes for Rio has raised an incredible £96,000! Thanks to support from the AAGBI and it’s members as well as the anaesthesia community around the UK.

In November 2016, the Committee of Anaesthetic Trainees (CAT) represented by Vice-Chair, Dr Kim Caulfield presented a cheque of 3,600 Euros to AAGBI President, Dr Paul Clyburn to support this campaign, and Lifebox was on hand to learn more about this generous donation.

What motivated the CAT to raise funds for Lifeboxes for Rio?

In May 2014 at the Irish Congress of Anaesthesia, CAT organised their first ever “Fun Run”. This was a 5km run where all Anaesthetic Departments in Ireland nominated a female and male trainee and consultant to compete representing their Department. Each anaesthetic department raised money to support their nominated runners which was donated to the Fun Run. At this time we were trying to decide what charity was most deserving of this contribution. The College of Anaesthetists in Ireland and our then president, Dr Ellen O’Sullivan were involved in fundraising for Lifebox. As a result we felt that Lifebox was the most appropriate charity to support.

Why is it important for trainee anaesthetists to support safer anaesthesia and surgical care around the world?

We can be so thankful in Ireland that we have the ability to deliver safe anaesthesia and by proxy safer surgery. Unfortunately this is not the case worldwide. We as anaesthetists with our enhanced awareness for patient safety should and can be advocates for safer practice.

Research shows that using a pulse oximeter and the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist can reduce surgical complications and mortality by up to 40%. Through their equipment and education programmes, Lifebox is having a huge impact. And as trainees, it’s a great way for us to help improve anaesthesia safety.

What types of activities did trainees undertake to raise funds? And what did they gain from these experiences?

As the Committee of Anaesthetic Trainees we organised two Fun Runs at the Irish Congress of Anaesthesia in 2014 and 2015. Both Fun Runs were a great success. We provided a prize to the fastest female and male trainee to use in their department to improve their own training.

We also facilitated two trainee anaesthetists attending Lifebox for Malawi trips organised by the College of Anaesthetists. The first was in April 2016, The second trip is planned for early 2017. The rest of the money was donated to Lifeboxes for Rio. 

What does safer anaesthesia mean to you?

As we know surgical procedures aim to save lives, however unsafe surgical practice can cause substantial harm. Ensuring safer anaesthesia aims to eliminate this substantial harm. Safe means free from harm or adverse events. It is not always possible to achieve 100% safety but it is what we should constantly strive for.