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Lifebox 2022 Annual Report

The 2022 annual report covers Lifebox's work improving anesthesia safety, surgical teamwork, and infection reduction

DIY scrub cap

Forget Santa hats, or paper party crowns – whatever the time of year, our favorite headwear is always a scrub cap. They’re practical, reassuring – and not that difficult to make… Introducing the DIY Scrub Cap: a little…

Lifebox Interviews Partners on COVID-19: Dr. Abebe Bekele

Dr. Abebe Bekele is general and thoracic surgeon from Ethiopia now based in Kigali, Rwanda, where he is Dean and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic and Research Affairs at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE). He speaks with Lifebox…

Lifebox Interviews Partners on COVID-19: Dr. Susana Abrego

Dr. Susana Abrego is a pediatrician and anesthesiologist in El Salvador. She is also a champion of safe surgery and has helped to lead Lifebox’s Checklist Implementation Workshops in El Salvador and throughout Central America, supported by the IZUMI Foundation.

Lifebox Interviews Partners on COVID-19: Dr. G.

Dr. G. is a consultant anesthesiologist in Assam, India. They spoke with Lifebox on 28 March 2020 on Assam’s and India’s preparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic.   “I am a consultant anesthesiologist in Sivasagar, Assam, India. I have been associated…

Lifebox Interviews Partners on COVID-19: Dr. Mary Nabukenya

Dr. Mary Nabukenya is lecturer at Makerere University College of Health Sciences, and works as an anesthesiologist at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Uganda. She has helped to lead many perioperative safety training courses for anesthesia providers throughout the country.

Lifebox Interviews Partners on COVID-19: Dr. Susane Nabulindo

Dr. Faye Evans is an anesthesiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. As a Lifebox board member and member of Smile Train’s Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Evans has worked with anesthesia providers all over the world on safety and training programs. On…

Lifebox and COVID-19

PREVIOUS UPDATES ON LIFEBOX’s COVID-19 RESPONSE: Update April 24:  VIDEO: Watch a Virtual Grand Rounds: “Preparing the Perioperative Ecosystem of Sub-Saharan Africa for COVID-19” Update April 15: Lifebox’s core objective is to improve the safety of surgery…

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