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Join us for Capno Week

Move over Shark Week, Capno Week is here. Join us to close the global capnography gap so that every anesthesia provider, no matter where they work, are equipped with a capnograph.

Making anesthesia safer in Benin

Professor Zoumenous tells us that today, no operation takes place in Benin without a pulse oximeter, and this is thanks to Lifebox.  

Advancing safety for cleft patients

My name is Belinda Karimi and I am a clinical nurse at the Agakhan Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, and a trainer for the Team CLEFT workshop – a professional working group of multidisciplinary health professionals, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, and…

Bridging the Gap: Pulse Oximetry and Safer Anesthesia

leading anesthesia providers from across the world shared their experiences on issues relating to pulse oximetry impact in anesthesia care, remaining gaps in oximetry access and identified priorities for safe anesthesia care going forward – including the issue of pulse oximetry accuracy in darker skin tones.

Announcing the Lifebox-Smile Train Pulse Oximeter

Today we launch the Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeter with our long-standing partner Smile Train to scale up access to pulse oximetry for anesthesia and critical care. Pulse oximeters rapidly measure the oxygen level of the blood…

Welcoming Professor Maswime to the Lifebox Board

Lifebox welcomes obstetrician and gynecologist, Professor Salome Maswime, to its Global Governance Council We are excited to announce the appointment of Professor Salome Maswime to our Global Governance Council. Professor Maswime is a Professor and Head of the Global…

A Major Change in Children’s Surgery

Dr. Getaw Alamnie is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Smile Train partner facility Yekatit 12 Medical College Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and fellow on the new Clean Cut for Cleft program launched by Smile Train and Lifebox. Dr.

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