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Lifebox 2022 Annual Report

The 2022 annual report covers Lifebox's work improving anesthesia safety, surgical teamwork, and infection reduction

India COVID-19 Response

Lifebox is providing direct assistance to our anesthesia partners in Maharashtra – one of India’s worst affected states – and where Lifebox has worked with anesthesia and surgical partners for the past five years. In the district of Nanded, we…

Lifebox Impact in Burundi

Lifebox impact in Burundi highlighted in new study in the South African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia - with 89% per cent of hospitals having a Lifebox pulse oximeter.

Safety Always: My Mantra

Dr. Buowari talks to Lifebox on safe anesthesia in Nigeria and her work responding to COVID-19 and pulse oximetry.

Study Shows Urgent Need to Focus on Postoperative Care

A landmark study by GlobalSurg, published in the Lancet, has highlighted the need to focus on post-operative care -with surgical patients in low/lower middle-income countries six times more likely to die within 30 days of a major complication than high-income countries.

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