Hastings Half Marathon

DSC_0750 Name: Remy Turc, Paul Russell, Darren de Claro 

Event: Hastings Half Marathon

Date: 20 March 2016

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The Cheetahs reunite in celebration of Lifebox’s five year anniversary! The team – Remy Turc (Lifebox Distribution Manager) and AAGBI colleagues Paul Russell and Darren de Claro who helped raise funds for our work last year – have come together again, this time to take on the Hastings Half Marathon on Sunday 20 March.

We recently caught up with them and this is what we learned.

What motivated you to take on this challenge?

Remy: I wanted to be part of the Lifebox fundraising family, and I think that running a half marathon to celebrate our five year anniversary is a great way to join in.

How has your role at Lifebox shaped your views about safe surgery and anaesthesia?

Before joining the team, my knowledge of safe surgery and anaesthesia was pretty limited. Having visited a public hospital in Angola in desperate need of medical equipment and being immersed in the busy Lifebox office has helped me understand the issue at stake (unsafe surgery) and the need to act. No one should go under general anaesthesia with the fear of not waking up again. Lifebox contributes to the protection of patients worldwide.

Why did you decide to support Lifebox?

Paul: Lifebox increases the safety of surgery and anaesthesia worldwide and the impact it has on individuals at risk is real. I can only be grateful for the opportunity to contribute towards an organisation that makes a difference to so many.

What advice would you give to someone training for a half marathon?

Get outside with your friends and make running an adventure. There is also nothing more motivating than having a challenge to prepare for.

What do you hope to achieve in undertaking this event?

Darren: I hope to draw attention to Lifebox, as well as reaching our target of raising £1,000. I also aim to encourage other runners to take on similar challenges for a great cause, perhaps a team ‘Tough Mudder’ for safer surgery could be the next step.

How much training are you doing in preparation for the run?

I run around Regent’s Park on my lunch breaks and normally go for one long run (15km) at the weekend. The hard part of course is nutrition, Pringles and sausage rolls being replaced by broccoli and chicken. However, I’ve been told that it gets easier.