Guy Jackson

2015_April_Guy.Jackson_half.marathon_400 x 300 Name: Dr Guy Jackson

Title: Consultant Anaesthetist and AAGBI Council Member

Event: Reading Half Marathon

Raised: £2,240

Click below to hear Guy and Lifebox friend Dr Nick Boyd on the BBC Radio Berkshire show with Phil Kennedy!


What motivated you to raise funds for Lifeboxes for Rio?

Joining the AAGBI council and seeing the plan to raise funds for Lifeboxes for Rio. Lifebox is a charity that appealed to me, it’s about safety and anaesthesia with an international commitment extending outside the UK. It has a demonstrable outcome safer surgery in other countries and is what we try to do in the UK it seems like a very good charity to support.

How did the marathon go?

It’s only the second time I’ve ran a half marathon, it was great fun! There were lots of people lining the route, and doing the run. It was a challenge to run in the Lifebox costume but people were calling out “come on Lifebox” on the day.

What was your highlight of the run?

Running into the Madejski Stadium, there were thousands of people sitting in the seats so when you’re one of the first costumes through they gave a very good cheer. The support on the way round was excellent, lots of people were shouting out Lifebox. I was quite pleased to get to the end in under two hours.

What advice would you give to anyone training for a half marathon?  

Do lots of running. I did it the year before without doing any training and I injured myself.