The St Leonard Choral Society – Christmas Concert

poster-christmas-2016 Name: Dr Dan Drzymalski

Event: The St Leonard Choral Society and
North End Chamber Orchestra
Christmas Concert

Date: 17 December 2016

Time: 6pm

Venue: Sacred Heart Church, Boston


With the majority of surgeries carried out in low-resource settings being obstetric, we know that safe surgery is fundamental to women’s health. So we are thrilled to be a part of this festive concert to help raise funds for our work in supporting safer childbirth.

We caught up with Dr Dan Drzymalski, obstetric anesthesiologist at Tufts Medical Center and music director of both the St Leonard Choral Society and the North End Chamber Orchestra to learn more about this much loved yearly event.

How long has the St. Leonard Choral Society been around?

Music is a vital part of Italian culture and music ministry has been an element of the Mass at St. Leonard’s parish since 1873. In 2007, the choral society was formed to perform a Christmas concert, which has become a cherished annual event in the community.


Why did you choose to raise funds for Lifebox this year?

Lifebox’s tools and training programs are very valuable during childbirth which can be a particularly perilous event when medical resources are limited. The collaboration is a perfect opportunity to honor the ‘reason for the season’, celebrating the birth of a special child. The partnership with Lifebox offered a unique chance to reach beyond our small corner of the world using both organizations’ specific talents.

Do you think physicians in high-resource settings are aware of the extent of the challenges their colleagues face in low-resource settings?

Although many of us are certainly aware that colleagues in low-resource settings face unique challenges, it can be difficult to find meaningful ways to support them, given family, work, time and other constraints. The American healthcare system needs to have more systems in place to support healthcare in low-resource settings as well.

What difference do you hope that your contribution will make?  

We will be dedicating one of the pieces performed at the concert to the work Lifebox is doing around the world. We hope that by shining a light on a means to improve healthcare in fragile settings, we can encourage our audience to support Lifebox’s valuable program.

How do you all balance medical and musical careers?

Although most people think of music and medicine as two very different careers, there is one very important theme that is common to both. Musicians and healthcare providers both touch people’s hearts. Thus, we heal through medicine as well as heal through music.

What does safe surgery/anaesthesia mean to you? 

Safe surgery and safe anesthesia mean that every patient can have necessary surgery while minimizing the risks. This is particularly important in the case of childbirth, where two lives are at stake. We hope that through music and Lifebox we can support women and children through an important event of their lives.

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