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Join us for Capno Week

Move over Shark Week, Capno Week is here. Join us to close the global capnography gap so that every anesthesia provider, no matter where they work, are equipped with a capnograph.

"Let me say, She was Holding her Breath"

This is Samuel Akolgo, a nurse anaesthetist at the Sandema District Hospital in the Upper East Region of Ghana. He received one of the Lifebox pulse oximeters donated earlier this year through the partnership between Ghana Health…

Lifebox and Smile Train

The steady beep of the pulse oximeter is the hushed voice of the patient on the operating table.  The team listens: surgeon, anaesthesia provider, and nurse know all is well. The same goes for the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist –…

Lifebox gets a visit

In the words of a colleague: ‘She doesn’t call a spade a spade; she calls it a shovel.’ A long-time Lifebox supporter, Dr Jacob paid us a visit in London this week.  We couldn’t resist the chance…

Improving obstetric anaesthesia

Lifebox was recently featured on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 when Dr Isabeau Walker highlighted the need to improve obstetric anaesthesia safety around the world. For more information or to listen again, click here.

Lifebox on Twitter

Don’t forget to take a look at our Lifebox Twitter feed: @safersurgery. We are tweeting about healthcare developments around the world, from free maternal care in Sierra Leone to new developments in patient safety research. Follow us…

NWAC World Anesthesia Congress

The NWAC World Anesthesia Congress is starting in Rome, Italy, this week and will continue until 15 April 2011. To download the conference programme and for more information, click here.

Conference on surgery and anaesthesia in Uganda

This Saturday, 2 April 2011, sees the second annual conference on surgery and anaesthesia in Uganda. Held at the Paetzold Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, the conference features presentations  from leading healthcare practitioners in Uganda and Canada, including Dr Angela…

Alan Merry on Radio New Zealand

Lifebox returns to Radio New Zealand, where Alan Merry talks to Kim Hill about Auckland Hospital’s leading role in developing the Surgical Safety Checklist and Lifebox’s mission to make surgery safer. Click here to listen.

Children’s Heart Hospital

“I have just returned from a visit to the Children’s Heart Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the charity Chain of Hope, two organizations dedicated to helping children with congenital heart disease in low-income countries. Chain of Hope has introduced…

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