Robert Greenberg


GreenbergCrop Name: Robert S. Greenberg MD

Event: Pulse oximeters – Kenyatta Hospital

Amount raised: $1,800

Last year, colleagues from the Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine (ACCM) and Paediatric Division at Johns Hopkins Hospital raised funds to help support anaesthesia providers at Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya.

Thanks to their contributions, six much needed pulse oximeters were donated to ensure safer monitoring of patients.

We caught up with Robert S. Greenberg MD, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins and founder of to find out what inspired him to lead this fundraising campaign.

What motivated you to support Lifebox®?

The way it’s set up makes it easy to help – it’s a way that enables anyone to contribute and do good. Any anaesthetist would recognise that universal access to pulse oximetry is valuable and needs to happen.

What sorts of activities did you undertake to fundraise?

Our department is like a family and we take good care of each other. I showed them the Lifebox “MAKE IT 0® video and challenged them to help. The paediatric division started to make some pledges and encouraged other divisions in the department to join in and do the same. It took off right away!

What does safe surgery mean to you?

Surgery is never 100% safe – however knowledge, competence, technology, drugs and a good perioperative perspective makes it safer.

We use our own version of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist to empower everyone in the room to confirm what’s going on (or stop the process if necessary). Knowing your patient and their history, experience with the procedure, and a cohesive team helps you plan and execute the safest care.

I do the best I can for that patient, in the moment by using my knowledge, skills, and experience.