Vanessa Albert

Vanessa.Albert_2.000 Name: Vanessa Albert

Event: Hackney Half Marathon

Date: 8 May 2016

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We recently caught up with Lifebox friend and safer surgery champion Dr Vanessa Albert, Foundation Year 1 Doctor at Homerton Hospital as she prepares to take on the Hackney Half Marathon to help raise funds for our lifesaving work, and this is what we learned.

What motivated you to support Lifebox?

I became aware of Lifebox about two years ago when I was offered the amazing opportunity to take part in the Malawi pulse oximeter implementation project. I travelled out with the team to Malawi and was involved in training the anaesthetic providers and donating the equipment. I then returned eight months later to follow-up the individual donated pulse oximeters and witness the impact they were making. Having seen first-hand the difference each pulse oximeter made and knowing this was down to previous fundraising for Lifebox, I decided to do some fundraising of my own.

Taking on a half marathon is real challenge – how much training are you doing (plan to do) in preparation?

Having never undertaken such a challenge before I plan to increase my training gradually so as not to injure myself. I will do a mixture of running on my own and running with a group of colleagues who are also running the Hackney Half-Marathon. Each week I will aim to run a bit further. I will also do ‘non-running days’ where I will swimming with a coach to gradually increase my stamina and overall fitness.

What advice would you give to someone training for a half marathon?

Train at your own pace. It is more important to reach the end that to injure yourself on the way.

What does safer surgery mean to you?

Helping minimise avoidable morbidity and mortality.