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Join us for Capno Week

Move over Shark Week, Capno Week is here. Join us to close the global capnography gap so that every anesthesia provider, no matter where they work, are equipped with a capnograph.

Winter Scientific Eating

The Great Anaesthesia Bake got a boost from the capital this week, as anaesthetists across the country gathered in Westminster for the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI)’s Winter Scientific Meeting (WSM).

Job vacancy: Lifebox Finance Manager (1 day/week)

We’d love to hear from anyone interested in our vacancy for a part-time (1 day a week) Finance Manager.  Feel free to call Kristine Stave on 0203 286 0402 for an informal chat about the job.

Winners of the Lifebox Competition

We were thrilled to receive so many inspirational and thought-provoking entries to the first Lifebox Competition. The top three entries were announced at Lifebox Day on 18 January 2014, and we are delighted to share these with you below.

Lifebox Day

As Lifebox chairman, surgeon, author and casual time traveler Atul Gawande (bodily in Boston and telegenically in London) explained by video,  “the global health landscape is changing.  For…

This is what a busy year looks like!

Before 2014 gets underway, take a moment to leaf through 2013.    With photos, friendly faces, handy facts and a dizzying month-by-month spread, we’re proud to present our year in review. Click here to make the pages…

Great and glad tidings!

Lifebox isn’t a faith-based organization, but you don’t need to tell us twice about the true meaning of Christmas. Hope and renewal, sacrifice and generosity – looking back at the most popular stories we’ve shared on our blog…

Sweet sweet music

At this tuneful time of year we’ve got a soundtrack to suit every pair of ears with an interest in making surgery safer. Musical medic Suman Biswas, who first made his name with Amateur Transplants, has…

"The Right to Heal" will screen at Lifebox Day

Global surgery is about logistics.  It’s about science and technology.  But most of all, above everything else, it’s about people. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that “The Right to Heal“, a new film about global surgery…

Approaching thankfulness

There’s a lot that we aren’t thankful for this year. High risk of anaesthesia mortality; low chance of getting a C-section when you need one. Warehouses full of inappropriate medical equipment,…

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