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Join us for Capno Week

Move over Shark Week, Capno Week is here. Join us to close the global capnography gap so that every anesthesia provider, no matter where they work, are equipped with a capnograph.

Eff. Dee. Ae.

Celebrities may not read their reviews, but at Lifebox, we do.   Avidly. (Don’t you bet the celebrities do too?) We want to know what delegates found most useful – or not – about our workshops. Lifebox training…


DONATE HERE Anaesthetists London-Dublin ride funds safer surgery Eight anaesthetists from across Great Britain arrived in Dublin today (17 Sept 2013) by bike,…

FDA-standard for the low-resource setting

The Lifebox oximeter meets USA Food and Drug Administration standards for accuracy, extensive tests show. “Accuracy of the Lifebox pulse oximeter during hypoxia in healthy volunteers,” published this month in the medical journal Anaesthesia, finds that the…

Steppe-by-Steppe: Safer Surgery in Mongolia

Take, for instance, the recent collaboration between the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA), the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) and the Mongolian Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA) to deliver the…

Before and after

“To make people count, we first need to be able to count people,” said then WHO Director General Lee Jong-Wook in 2003/last week on the excellent Guardian Global Development Professionals Network. If only ‘counting people’ was as…

Man v machine

It’s an impressive site, as a referral hospital for more than 2 million people needs to be. (c) Haydom Lutheran Hospital – https://haydom.or.tz/ But you don’t travel all this way just to…

BBC feature on Lifebox

Our work to implement the Surgical Safety Checklist in Rwanda was featured by BBC News this week.

Science without borders, numbers with intent

Gymnastics in service of illustrating a point (and charming the crowd) during his keynote speech at the Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Scientific Day in London last Friday, and he’s waving his arms enthusiastically.

Raising the dough

Thank you for visiting the Lifebox Foundation blog. Please check as appropriate:           1. I like eating cake           2. I like making cake*           3. I believe…

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