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Lifebox in India: travelling for safer anaesthesia

A small valley shadowed by mountains on all sides, the hard terrain, political and tribal tensions, and crippling under-investment in this northeast state of India means that for nearly 3 million people, an operating room is usually three to five hours away. Without surgery in the peripheral districts, government hospitals in the capital carry huge

#SaferSurgeryIndia – Team Work

I started my very engaging and interesting trip to India from Hyderabad, a city in Telangana, where Lifebox donated pulse oximeters for the very first SAFE Paediatric course to take place in India. From Hyderabad I quickly moved onto Delhi, familiar territory for me, and took every opportunity to interact with the communities that are

India – The Next Step

From western India, to the east. Next on the itinerary was the north-eastern state of Bihar. As the traffic of the state’s capital – Patna – gave way to dirt roads and palm-studded countryside, the rugged beauty of Bihar was breathtaking. But eighty-nine percent of Bihar’s 104 million people live in rural areas, and health

India – One Step at a Time

It seemed like fate that I landed in India exactly ten years to the day that I first arrived as a fresh-faced backpacker. One decade later, and hopefully a little wiser, I was back as part of my remit at Lifebox – working with healthcare teams across this vast country to make anaesthesia safer. Two

Lifebox Fellowship in India now recruiting 

Located in the eastern state of Bihar, the Fellow will work alongside CARE India – an NGO with over 65 years’ experience in the country. The Fellowship will deliver a sustainable and high-impact QI project in collaboration with CARE’s CEmONC team, in addition to taking part in the delivery of anaesthesia care. Upon completion of the Fellowship, applicants

Lifebox in India

  With a population of 1.3 billion and a landscape that ranges from the mighty peaks of the Himalayas to the deserts in the west – as well as a 7,000 km coastline – safer surgery and anaesthesia for all of India is a serious undertaking. Access to healthcare is limited by a lack of

And So It Begins: Lifebox in India

Access to healthcare is limited by a lack of resources and staff with only 0.7 physicians and 1.1 nurses per 1,000 population. Of its 15,500 operating rooms, over 7,000 lack pulse oximetry – leaving millions of people to undergo surgery at great risk. So it will come as no surprise that India is a key

India National Surgical Forum

It’s called ‘global surgery’ because there’s not a single health system in the world that can support a healthy population without providing surgical care; but that doesn’t mean there’s a one size fits all solution. Different countries have different needs – different approaches – and different groups championing routes to the same conclusion: that access

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