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The Unsung Heroes in Surgical Safety

Ahead of International Nurses Day, it is crucial to spotlight the critical role of operating room nurses in ensuring surgical safety. Nurses are the backbone of successful surgical outcomes; they blend compassion and clinical expertise, managing every…

Lifebox features on the BBC

'One Crucial Piece of Equipment': Improving anesthesia monitoring with The Smile Train-Lifebox Capnograph.

London volunteer opportunity

The role We are looking for a committed volunteer to take on a number of administrative projects within Lifebox Foundation HQ in London. Ideally this would involve one full day or two half day’s commitment each week for a minimum…

Honestly, people in love.  

(c) This Sweet Love Photography We might just find it annoying, if people in love weren’t so beautifully generous in their joy! Three happy couples, six friends of Lifebox, have taken a day that is supposed to…

New manual for how to deliver Lifebox training in the field

Following our special session at Anesthesiology 2012 in Washington D.C. today, we are delighted to make available our new manual for how to deliver Lifebox training in the field.  This draws on lessons learned from work across Africa, South East…

Target 80

Well, in the 18 months since we got this global pulse oximetry gap in our sights and set out to Make It 0, we’ve knocked more than 3000 off the target!  Thanks to the generosity…

The Long and Winding Road (to surgical safety)

The road from Gondar to Lalibela – beautiful but long.(c) Hailebet If you can’t get to hospital, you can’t get an emergency caesarian section, or life-saving surgery after a road traffic accident.  If…

Making It 0 in the Empire State of the South!

Back in May, we got a tantalizing email from Dr Faye Evans, assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at Emory University School of Medicine, about the upcoming Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists (GSA) meeting.

Vanderbilting bridges: Tennessee to Kenya

Watch the video on the VIA home page, which focuses on Vanderbilt’s relationship with the Kijabe Hospital, in Kenya.  Panning down crowded hospital corridors, the images are stark and the voices are shocked.

Never a day at the beach

The Togolese Republic stretches narrowly north 600 km into West Africa, with Burkina Faso at its head and the Bight of Benin swirling at its feet in the capital city of Lomé. But it’s never a day at the beach…

Just so splendid

Lifebox sent an oximeter and the hospital found funding to buy some additional units. But Benson told us some very difficult stories about his anaesthesia practice, and we knew that these few units wouldn’t…

Lifebox Foundation supports the Technologies for Global Health Commission

The Lifebox Foundation, a global charity working to improve the safety of surgical care in low-resource settings, today welcomed the spotlight on the issue of environment-inappropriate medical equipment and restated its commitment to appropriate, effective technology. As a report released…

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